What is the right diet for you?

What is the right diet for your constitution? By finding out your your metabolic type you may find that your digestive problems are resolved and your energy is enhanced.  Metabolic typing in crucial for anybody who is experiencing autoimmune problems, Chronic fatigue, or cancer.  Each person is biologically individual, non of us are the same, we all have unique supplementary needs due to the way out bodies metabolise food.

Several metabolic ‘types’ have been found. The slow oxidiser, who finds it easy to metabolise carbs, but harder to metabolise fats within the cells. The fast oxidiser has the opposite problem, they find it easy to metabolise fats and less easy to convert carbs into energy. Both of these processes are vital to produce energy in the cell and need a good balance of Acetyl Co-A and Oxaloacetate in order for the citric acid cycle within each cell to produce the energy we need to function through the day. Therefore typically a slow oxidiser would be asked to eat more vegetables with carbs in and less fats (meats). A low sugar/processed carb diet is recommended for slow oxidisers.  The fast oxidiser will be asked to eat a higher fat diet and less carbs. This addresses the constitutional imbalance we may naturally have been born with.

The other two ‘types’ are sympathetic dominant and parasympathetic dominant. This refers to our autonomic nervous system. Some people are dominant in the ‘fight or flight’ mode of control, which is the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system. Some may be dominant in the parasympathetic, which is the opposite, the calming, relaxing controls. These are what typically control our digestive system and glandular system. The sympathetic system speeds the heart up, the parasympathetic maintains the correct heart rate. Some people have inherited a tendency for the body to ‘switch on’ the sympathetic more quickly or visa versa. So within the metabolic type framework we end up with two types, sympathetic dominant and parasympathetic dominant. Some foods strengthen, support and stimulate one or the other of the cycles. A lot of people may be a mixed type or balanced.

By taking the metabolic typing test, you will be given a diet sheet and advice on foods and supplements which will benefit your overall energy and digestion.