Tracey has a huge passion and a real enthusiasm for her work and for Chinese medicine.  When I first went to see her, I had been extremely unwell and I had only just started to get out of bed for a few hours at a time having spent months bedridden; Tracey was very interested in what had been going on for me, and her determination to get to the bottom of it all and to work on improving my health really shone through and filled me with hope and inspiration.
She was very alert and attuned to what was going on in my body and she applied her vast expertise to treating me in the best and most effective way possible.  The condition I was suffering with was very complex but with Tracey’s holistic approach, she had a much better understanding than most.  Tracey has a deep wisdom and also a seemingly insatiable curiosity about the intricacies and the complex ways and tendencies of the human body, and if there was anything I was experiencing that she wasn’t fully versed with, she made it her business to find out more.
Following a series of acupuncture sessions with Tracey, together with a healthy diet, meditation and supplements, my health has now hugely improved.  I have gone from not being able to stand for long, having very little energy (as well as many other complex issues), to living independently, getting out and about and living a much fuller life, and now beginning to look for work.  I have no doubt that the treatment with Tracey has been a huge factor in getting me here.
Having had a long history of chronic illness, I have sought help from many alternative health practitioners over the years.  In my opinion, what makes a brilliant practitioner – as well as expertise – is a caring attitude, the ability to listen, intuition, passion and curiosity.  Tracey has been one of the most caring and committed I have ever been treated by and she has all of these qualities in spades.  Along the way, Tracey has given me not just wonderful acupuncture, but wisdom and practical advice on wellbeing that I have taken away with me.  I can’t recommend her enough!
Jacqui, Highcliffe