Tai chi
T’ai Chi is evidenced based!

T’ai Chi and Qi Gong had a systematic review in 2010 by the American journal of health promotion.in relation to bone health, physical function and falls prevention. Below is the conclusion from this review of the literature. The evidence is exciting and affirming.  My own experience of teaching is that many of my students benefit from regular practice. My new beginners class started in September 2016.  Due to demand, a new one starts in the new year!  Please call for more information.

‘A compelling body of research emerges when Tai Chi studies and the growing body of Qigong studies are combined. The evidence suggests that a wide range of health benefits accrue in response to these meditative movement forms, some consistently so, and some with limitations in the findings thus far. This review has identified numerous outcomes with varying levels of evidence for the efficacy for Qigong and Tai Chi, including bone health, cardiopulmonary fitness and related biomarkers, physical function, falls prevention and balance, general quality of life and patient reported outcomes, immunity, and psychological factors such as anxiety, depression and self-efficacy. A substantial number RCTs have demonstrated consistent, positive results especially when the studies are designed with limited activity for controls. When both Tai Chi and Qigong are investigated together, as two approaches to a single category of practice, meditative movement, the magnitude of the body of research is quite impressive.’