Herbs & Supplements

Herbs & Supplements

The Natural Dispensary is an independent Nutritional Supplement Mail Order Company dedicated to Practitioners and their Clients by referral. With over 12,000 Practitioner prescribed products under one roof, the aim is to provide an efficient one stop service.

Tracey may recommend supplements. If that is the case, you will receive an email from The Natural Dispensary and you can order from the shopping cart.


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Tracey is available to advise you on supplements. Sometimes we take supplements because we have read somewhere that a herb or vitamin might be good for us. However, often an assessment or lab tests can inform us of the supplements we need.  Tracey uses Genova UK lab testing Genova UK

For more information about advice on supplements, please call Tracey on 07900 493802 or visit the Natural Dispensery website.

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