Herbs & Supplements

Herbs & Supplements

Nature’s Sunshine helps people improve their quality of life by providing the finest supplements available and providing the expertise necessary to help you make an informed decision to use the right products for you.

Our products are formulated by the world’s largest manufacturer of encapsulated herbs, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

They manufacture our herb & supplement products to the highest standards using the finest natural and organically sourced ingredients. In addition, Nature’s Sunshine are world leaders in combining natural ingredients to achieve the best synergistic effects and optimal results.

“Nature’s Sunshine detox is brilliant – I lost 5lb and feel fabulous. It is an easy detox (no juicing or starving yourself) and fits into a busy day with little effort.” Emma, Alton.

Unlike many other companies, Nature’s Sunshine does not use synthetic ingredients, herbs that have been sprayed with pesticides or artificial flavours and additives.

Using the most sophisticated manufacturing facilities in the world, Nature’s Sunshine manufacture to pharmaceutical standards – guaranteeing the potency, efficacy and purity of our products. Our quality products provide you with quality results.

“This detox is not overly demanding or restrictive. The first two days of the detox was tough, but my skin looked better quite quickly and I had a greater sense of well being. I now look & feel better and my energy levels have definitely increased. I am now looking forward to my post Christmas detox!” Beverley, Surrey.

Tracey is available to advise you on supplements. Sometimes we take supplements because we have read somewhere that a herb or vitamin might be good for us. However, often a health analysis and assessment can come up with a comprehensive package of treatment which might include acupuncture, massage, exercises, dietary advice as well as the supplements themselves.

For more information about my recommended herbs & supplements, please call Tracey on 07900 493802 or visit my Nature’s Sunshine website.

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