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Magnesium – Why I love it!

Magnesium is the supplement I recommend the most.  It has such a wide range of uses, due to multiple functions within the body.  The soil in which our vegetables grow are depleted of  essential minerals including magnesium, which means we tend not to take in enough through food.  Stress and sweating from exercise, drinking coffee also depletes magnesium, and also many prescribed drugs.  Foods which have magnesium are green leafy veg, seeds (pumpkin, linseed and sunflower), nuts, figs, bananas, dark chocolate, avocado, black beens, kefir.


  1. Promotes Sleep – Magnesium brings balance to our hormonal system, it prevents excessive cortisol release. Depleted magnesium levels affect our melatonin levels which regulate our sleep.
  2. Muscular relaxation – Reduced magnesium levels cause lactic acid to build up in muscles, so cramping and twitching occurs.  Magnesium is a muscle relaxant, and helps with flexibility.
  3. Bone health – Without a proper balance of calcium and magnesium intake bone health suffers.  Magnesium is crucial in helping calcium ‘fix’ in the bones, making them strong.
  4. Enzymes, hormones – Magnesium is essential in the manufacture hormones, such as progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone.  That is why it can be so useful fro menopause and menstrual problems. It is also crucial in enabling enzymes to work.
  5. Energy production – Within each cell of the body, energy production is needed. Without magnesium, the mitochondria and energy production would not happen.
  6. Controls blood sugar -By enhancing insulin release, it helps to control blood sugar.  It is also needed to help glucose transfer to cells and prevent glucose staying in the blood in too high levels damaging tissue.
  7. Nervous system – Magnesium plays an important role in neurotransmitter release. Serotonin is responsible for making us less anxious and low in mood.


These are just some of the benefits. I often suggest magnesium for clients with any kind of muscular pain or night cramps.  I offer it for poor sleep pattern and stress, including low mood and anxiety.  It can work well also for PMT and hot flashes. I often use magnesium malate, which is easily absorbed. This is good if someone is also prone to constipation, as magnesium is a laxative.  If some one has problems with loose stools, or is very sensitive to the laxative quality of magnesium, I use magnesium glycinate.  Glycine helps the body absorb magnesium quickly and efficiently, stopping the magnesium impacting on the bowel.